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Default Reasonable cost to replace one injector on Datsun 280ZX?

I went on an out of state road trip with my 1979 Datsun 280ZX and while on the trip found that one fuel injector was leaking gas. I stopped at Nissan dealer, and they told me it needed to be replaced, and the car should not be driven. They quoted me $857 to replace. I okayed the quote, but found out from my local garage that Nissan over charged me by about $400. Turns out that the "FLAT HOURLY RATE" for a 280ZX is 2.5 hours. The "FLAT HOURLY RATE for a 300ZX is 5.5 hours. (my injector only took 2 hours to replace) The flat rate book that the NIssan dealer had only went back to 1985, so they used the 300ZX rate for my 280ZX replacement quote. I guess my questions are: Am I a fool
to be driving such an exotic automobile? Should I be carrying a copy of a flat rate labor book for my car with me? Should I pursue getting a refund for this obvious overcharge? I've tried to contact the Nissan dealer and they will not return my calls or e-mail. Thanks

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